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Laugh till you crack with our selection of the funniest films. Or choose a thrilling adventure if that’s what you prefer. We won’t ruin your perfect night on the couch with intrusive ads. So, relax and enjoy the show!

All your favourite titles you’d like to watch will be neatly filed under the “My List” section.

You can access them anytime you feel like watching. You just need an Internet connection, and you’re good to go.

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Of course, you’ll have time to try out our service before we charge you the full subscription fee. Your trial period gives you full access to our library. In case you don’t find it that fun, you can easily cancel your subscription!

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Romantic Comedy

Are you a romantic soul that enjoys rom-coms? Or do you prefer family comedies? We’ve got both, come laugh with us!


Mind-bending plots and unexpected twists and turns. We always choose the most engaging and thought-provoking stories. We follow the same rule when picking out thrillers for our library.


Movie adventures made for kids are always everyone’s favourites. Dive into our library and treat yourself to some cosy fun.


There are movies so epic that only one perspective can’t do them justice. Our commentary section holds popular movies with a creators’ insight that helps understand them much better.


For 38 USD per 14 days you’ll get:
  • Full access to best drama movies
  • Videos in high quality
  • An easy way to organize the movies you’d like to watch